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Film Work: Student Accomplice

Animation Class of 2024 student captsone film

From August of 2022 through April of 2023 I worked as a member of the storyboard team to solidify the character development, the resolution, and the gags of our  film's story.

From September of 2023 through September of 2024 I animated shots for the film, working with models, character rigs, vehicle rigs and prop rigs.

Below you can find the shots I boarded and animated...


Animation in After Effects

Experience as an Animation and Design Specialist

While working for the Center of Teaching and Learning I used Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to create backgrounds, assets and the pieces for 2D characters. 

Once rigged, characters and sets were brought to life in After Effects and used in media created for the University. Videos were included in the lessons and orientations  of BYU faculty.

To the right is a combination of some assets that I designed and shots that I animated...

Additional 3D and Design Work

Modeling, Shading, and Figure Drawing.


The Animation program pushed me to learn software that I had never ouched before. Becoming comfortable with 3D platforms was one of the more challenging aspects of the program for me. Thanks to the challenge, I found the part of animated production that I was most interested in - character animation.  That being said, I found the modeling, scripting, and shading that I did for my courses to be very valuable.

Here you will find a 3D lego train that I constructed using python code, a fruit shader that I built using node layers and other assets that I designed and rendered...

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